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Ndolo Cuisine is an Ottawa based restaurant that strive in creating a fusion of delicious dishes from Cameroon and other parts in Africa. This blend of taste and flavor is possible because most of our ingredients are coming from Cameroon and some other parts of west Africa. Because good food is a necessity not a luxury, our ultimate goal is to provide food lovers with an exquisite tasty and assorted variety of food with healthy nutritive component, at an affordable price. At Ndolo Cuisine food lovers will not only have the privilege of tasting and enjoying delicacies from Cameroon, but also have a unique opportunity to learn about our ingredients and how are dishes are being prepared. We are open Tuesday to Sunday and can cater for private and public events.   

Roasted fish Tilapia
New Chef Stacey

Chef Leks

I am Chef Leks, a certified food handler and chef at Ndolo Cuisine based in Ottawa, Canada. Originally from Cameroon, I grew up in an environment where participating in the kitchen was compulsory for a girl child. As a result, I often found myself assisting my mom in preparing a variety of healthy and delicious dishes for the family and friends. This experience coupled with the ones I have accumulated over the years from private cooking to catering at events in Toronto, Montreal and the Ottawa/Gatineau region, have molded me in becoming the multi talented chef capable of preparing and serving the finest of Cameroonian dishes. Cooking for me is a passion and serving great food is a joyful expression of love. Come try one of our mouth-watering delicacy. 


Our mission is to provide fresh, tasty, healthy and nutritive African dishes at a reasonable price in a clean, friendly and convenient environment.

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